Irrigation system

Are you looking forward to save water and cost effective solution for lush lawns and gardens?? Stop hesitating

You are making a right choice by choosing irrigation system in your lush gardens and lawns.

Global Farmer Enterprise also providing all those accessories of irrigation system.
Irrigation system are automatic watering systems constructed to deliver a “controlled flow of water” for the growth of plants. The system is composed the entire accessories included valve, pipe & fitting, sprinklers, driping, tubing pipe, timer and filter.
Irrigation system could be saves you in time by replacing hand watering. Irrigation have 2 method in watering plants which is either using sprinklers or dripper. The irrigation system will disperses water through sprinklers attached to risers connected to a network of underground pipes that run throughout your lawn. Whrease drip system disperses water through emitters ( dripper pen ) directly to plants’ root zones in a slow.

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