Corporate Profile

DSCF7110 Global Farmer Enterprise is formed in year 2008 with a strong agricultural background.

Since 1990, Mr Kuan Mun Ming the founder of Worldwide Trading & Packaging Services who mostly target to the agricultural market has excavated him about the potential of agricultural market.

By  years of understanding and experiencing the needs from the markets, he has transformed his business gradually by setting up Global Farmer Enterprise as one-stop convenience store to provide solutions and services for his customers especially existing and future farmer.

Global Farmer Enterprise is a trusted company because the existing customers we have covered within Malaysia such as Cameron Highlands, Penang, Johor, Kuala Lumpur, Sabah & Sarawak have confidence with us.




Provide professional advice in agriculture featuring to our customer, and also provide customer the best agriculture equipment with lowest price in order to produce best quality of agriculture products.

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